Top 20 Most Influential Music Journalists in Social Media: #20 Emile Menasche

Our number 20th Most Influential Music Journalist on the Web is Emile Menasche. He writes for ASCAP (Playback Magazine) as the editor of Creator’s Toolbox. 

emilemenascheEmile Menasche is a composer, producer, guitarist and writer. He is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts Dramatic Writing Program.  Throughout his career he has authored five books on music production and sound. Menasche has scored many feature documentaries such as The Spirit of the Bird (2012), American Farm (2005), Our Island Home (2008), Parallel Sons (1995) and many other education films.   His documentary short, Incident in Baghdad, was nominated for an Academy Award in 2012 and was a Winner at the Tribeca Film Festival. Musically, he writes songs for his band, “Speak the Language”, but also has a solo recording project called “Overtones”. In addition, Menasche is editor-in chief of the magazine In Tune Monthly.

Menasche’s Youtube page which contain four videos have achieved over 12,000 views, with his top video, The Parallel Sons Trailer, commanding over 8,000 hits alone. His Facebook page has over 300 followers and his Twitter account has 152. To follow Emile Menasche on his various social platforms, check out the links below!

Check out Emile Menasche on his various online platforms such as his personal website, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter @emenasche

A quote from Menasche: “I used to think of music and journalism as two separate things,” he says. “But once I started working on films, especially documentaries, I realized that having both skills gave me more ways to communicate. Being able to understand a story makes my music more effective; being so directly involved in a range of music projects helps me get more insightful information when interviewing artists and music business people for the magazine. Being able to explain how music technology works helps me think about the best ways to use the tools I have available to me in the studio.”   Image Credit:

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