SxSW 2012

Music is a powerful force that can inspire, reflect emotion and bring people together. Music has the ability to move people, change a mood or even evoke new ideas. I had the opportunity to visit the South By Southwest music festival and experienced this first hand.

Upon my arrival to Austin I immediately noticed two things. One is their love of music and the other is the city’s slogan “Keep Austin Weird.” This passion is tattooed everywhere. You’re truly in a special place. Evident through life size guitars at the Airport to Hoek’s Death Metal Pizza, Austin exemplifies music.

Attending the South by Southwest festival was a great way for me to discover an overwhelming amount of live music, new products and business opportunities. SXSW is an eclectic mix of people from all over the world who gather in one place to see what’s hot, what’s next and what the future of music will hold.

Walking down 6th street any time of day you will hear music. Whether it is a street performer taking donations in exchange for his or her CD to an official SXSW event featuring Bruce Springsteen. Think things are bigger in Texas? Absolutely! The vibe from the city was adrenaline laden. Attendees, including myself, quickly hurried from venue to venue in hopes of seeing (and hearing) their favorite band or discovering a new favorite. Bragging to friends that you heard them first is a big deal, right? Popular musicians from Kenny Rogers, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dog, Skrillex and Lionel Richie all made the trip to Austin to perform. But it’s the fresh faced bands like fun and the Sheepdogs that made the most noise.

SXSW runs the gamut of social interaction, fashion, music, gear and a trade show all at your fingertips. SXSW allows you to go out of your comfort zone of musical taste and explore new bands and performers without the risk of looking or feeling out of place. You are swept away by the hustle and bustle walking around town and taking in the sights and sounds in a fast paced environment. Music brought these people to Austin from all walks of life on this very day at this very time and put them here to enjoy one common pleasure, the sound that comes from within a musician’s soul. Out there for you to see and enjoy.