Music Did This – Movies

Whether it’s a romantic comedy, sports story or slasher movie … music brings extra emotional intensity to the screen. Without the music we would just be watching a bunch of people run from a frightening figure or enduring painfully awkward pauses before that couple leans in for the long awaited kiss.

Music helps to bridge the pauses in movie dialogue. It surprises you as it crescendos just when the scene should be quiet so our heroine is not discovered. It makes you sympathetic to that poor lonely soul standing in the torrential rain suffering because he did that one thing he said he’d never do. Music portrays struggles and challenges overcome better than mere words could ever possibly express. Chariots of Fire and Rocky would certainly not have had the same impact without their musical themes.

So next time you are at the movies with your popcorn and the scene on the screen makes you stop mid-munch remember … music did this.