Music Did This – Nostalgia

Remember that first album, 8-track, CD or MP3 you bought with your own money? Chances are not only do you remember when it was, but where you were. You can remember what grade you were in, who was with you and maybe even who had broken your heart. Music is so powerful that when it grabs hold of your attention that very first time you listen, the moment will be imprinted in your heart and soul for a lifetime.

As you grow older you may forget some minor details about that moment but something about hearing a song that held so much meaning to you when you first experienced it, will stick with you forever. You will always be moved by the song that was played at your wedding, or that soundtrack from the movie that you saw so many times you memorized the dialogue. The sudden and strong emotion of hearing the song you danced to at Homecoming with your first crush 20 years ago or just last Saturday night, may take you completely by surprise. But for one moment settle into it and enjoy the ride. That feeling will be locked in for life because … music did this.