3 T-Shirts Dave Grohl Fans Must Have


By now, it’s safe to say that Dave Grohl has solidified himself as rock ‘n roll royalty.  Getting his start as the drummer for grunge pioneers Nirvana, Grohl surprised everyone when, after Nirvana’s break-up, he formed his own wildly successful band called the Foo Fighters.  Since then, the rocker has grown to be a legend in his own right, filling stadiums and selling millions of records around the world.  If you’re just discovering him now, or if you’ve been a fan since his days with Nirvana, here are some t-shirts you absolutely cannot do without.


Foo Fighters Reel to Reel T-shirt

Sound City Studios operated out of the San Fernado Valley and played host to some of the most famous acts of the last century.  Neil Young, Nirvana, Tom Petty, and many more, all spent time recording in the classic studio.  Dave Grohl’s passion for the studio went so far that, when it closed, he decided to make a documentary called Sound City: Real to Reel.  This Foo Fighters t-shirt salutes the Reel to Reel tape mechanisms used in many recording studios, including Sound City.  It doesn’t get much more classic than that!


Foo Fighters Winged Wheel T-Shirt

This shirt isn’t much more than just awesome.  What I mean to say is, it’s only a really sweet shirt from a really sweet band.  That being said, Dave Grohl is a bit of a gear head.  No doubt this design was inspired by that fact.  Personally, I could easily be convinced Grohl actually owns a flying motorcycle, but I have no proof of that.  No offense to Gary Oldman, but Grohl is kind of more how I pictured Sirus Black, anyway.


Nirvana Stripes T-shirt

No Dave Grohl wardrobe is complete without a nod to his start with Nirvana and this shirt is the classic Nirvana look.  If you’re too young to actually remember this, don’t worry, so am I.  But you know the drunk smiley face and the simple font.  This shirt is so Nirvana, it probably comes already smelling like teen spirit.  Don’t let that scare you off, though.  Teen’s spirit doesn’t smell quite as bad as actual teens.