5 Reasons to See Pat Metheny Live

The looks on their faces were priceless.  I’m sure mine was too.

After the final note was struck and the house lights in the Musikfest Cafe illuminated the room, I looked around at my fellow concert goers.  We all shared the same expression – half grin, half amazement.

To see Pat Metheny play live is truly a spectacle (and honor) for any music fan.  As a guitar player, even more so.  I left the show that night partially reduced to guitar-nothingness, but mostly inspired.

If you haven’t seen Pat Metheny live.  You need to.  And here are 5 reasons why you owe it to yourself to see one of the greatest musicians of our time:

1.  His Ability:  This one’s a gimme.  But I had to list it.  Watching him flawlessly navigate the fretboard and create sounds that can only be recreated in a dream is incredible to see live.  Not to mention his phrasing is from another planet.

2. His Band:   When you have skills like Pat Metheny, you can pretty much hand pick who you play with.  His latest group consists of Chris Potter on tenor saxophone (and flute, and bass clarinet), Antonio Sanchez on drums and Ben Williams on bass.  I could write another blog post on his band alone.  Trust me, you need to see the Unity Band live.

3.  His Orchestrion:  If you’re not familiar with Pat’s Orchestrion project, check out this link:  He brings a few key pieces from this project with him.  All I can say is, wow!

4.  His Gear:  If you’re a gearhead like me, you’ll appreciate seeing his stuff first hand.  Especially, if you see him in a small venue, get there early, and maneuver to the front of the stage.  Prior to the show, I was up close and personal (well, maybe not personal) with his Gibson ES-175, his Ibanez PM1000, and his Linda Manzer built acoustic.  Beautiful.

5.  His Hair:  His signature head piece is stunning to see live.  Especially with the glow of the stage lights.  To say I’m envious of such a quaff of hair is an understatement.

Bonus!  Want to play like Pat Metheny?  Or at least attempt to sound like the guitar-master.  Check these out:

1.  One Quiet Night – Pat Metheny Sheet Music for Guitar

2.  Guitar Etudes – Pat Metheny’s Guitar Warm Up Exercises

3.  Pat Metheny Songbook


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