End of the World Top 10

My Top 10 Songs for the end of the world 12/21/12

10. “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and I feel fine)” by R.E.M. – This is the 1st song everyone thinks of when this topic is brought up. So I am putting this as the introduction to the countdown.

9.  “Armageddon” by Def Leppard- This 80’s hair band still rocks out today even enduring tragedy within the band. the battle on at least until Friday.

8. “The End” by The Doors- Who knew The Lizard King saw the future? I am sure more than one person on this orbiting rock.

7. “The Day the Whole World Went Away” by Nine Inch Nails- Bringing their eclectic style to the mainstream with a deep message. Who knew their premonitions would come true?

6. “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult- The calming melody will soothe you before the chaos of extinction.

5.”Countdown to Extinction” by Megadeth- Speaking of extinction, Megadeth brings it with a passion like none other, which is why it breaks my top 5.

4.”London Calling” by The Clash- For some reason the English bands are really scared of the world ending. This punk rock song is no different and is a staple in rock n’ roll history.

3.”4 Horsemen” by Metallica- After 30 years the band still has one of the best live performances out there. It is a shame that will all end this week.

2.”Dust in the Wind” by Kansas- This deep meaning song was brought to life by the Wyld Stallyns in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and their run through musical history.


And my #1 song for the end of the Earth on 12/21/12 comes from a hair band that is named after an entire continent. Drum roll please…..


1.”Final Countdown” by Europe- The title says it all, this is the only concert I have been to where the band opens and closes with the same song.


Thanks for taking a look at my list and I hope you enjoyed it. See you on our next blog. Hopefully (fingers crossed)!

Ben McTamney