A Book on Fender Amps that’s Perfect for Dad


The Soul of Tone: Celebrating 60 Years of Fender Amps


You may not have guessed it, given the many classic guitars the company has produced over the years, but Leo Fender was not a musician.  He started building radios early on in life and went into the business in the 1930s.  Fender spent years building and repairing radios before he ever even considered starting on amps, but once he did, he put his full love of electronics into the work.


This book contains a number of pictures, diagrams, and quotes regarding the evolution and rise of fender amps.  Readers get to look inside the amps (without damaging them) and see the parts that make fender amps so special.


This book is a dream for anyone who ever wanted to know the internal workings of their favorite amps and a revelation for anyone interested in the field.


This  book is full of quotes about Leo and the fender amps he made, from musicians and coworkers.  It includes a forward by Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, where he discusses how he came to use and love Fender amps.