Sonifly* – A Day Off On The Slopes

“I hope I don’t fall getting off the lift.” I muttered those words as I strapped on my snowboard and headed to the bottom of the hill. It’s been about three years since my board touched the snow with me on it. I’m a decent boarder, I’ve been doing it for a long time, on some big hills, just not lately.

No matter. It was a beautiful sunny day off at the slopes. Well, sorta. As a sponsor of WMMR‘s, A Day Off At The Slopes event, Sonifly* was handing out freebies to thousands of loyal listeners. And making a few turns. Hey, why not. It’s good to mingle with your customers, right?

Thankfully, I survived a few clean runs and headed back inside for a cup of hot chocolate.

Check out a few pics we snapped during the event…

*Sonifly has become Band Merch Now