The Dream Factory: Custom Fender Guitar Shop


Exploring 30 Years of Custom Fender Guitars



Have you ever pictured yourself up on stage, ready to rock out with your band, with the crowd screaming in your ears?  The lights are beating down on you in your leopard print pants or, hopefully, somewhat more modest attire.  You’ve got the right amps, the right drums, and your lead singer is Marvel supervillain Dr. Doom.  Everything is perfect, so let me ask you: what guitar are you holding?



Your imagination can do better than that.

If your wildest imagination tends to venture beyond your conventional Fender Guitars, then you might be interested in the Fender Custom Shop.  Credited with saving the company when times were hard in the 80s, the Fender custom shop allows buyers to have guitars made to their exact specifications and adjusted to their style of play.



Original Ledgers from the Custom Shop

High quality photos of hundreds of guitars bring the shop to life right before your eyes and the accompanying paragraphs take you inside the culture and mastery of the Custom Shop.  Quotes and anecdotes from the musicians who found the perfect instrument by working with the shop demonstrate just how special the ‘Dream Factory’ really is.



Custom Shop Pioneers