Top 5 most iconic Beastie Boys Moments

#5 The Tibetan Freedom Festival- In 1998, The Beastie Boys became advocates for the Tibetan Monks and raised over 1.1 million dollars while playing for 120,000 fans at RFK park in Washington D.C.
#4 The Make Some Noise Short Movie- This video from their latest album, Hot Sauce Committee II, turned into a half-hour movie featuring numerous stars such as Jack Black, Elijah Wood, John C. Riley, Ted Danson and many others. This also was the last production involving MCA (Adam Yauch) before losing his battle with cancer.
#3 The Sabotage Video- This Spike Jonze directed video portrays the Beasties as 70′s detectives sporting mustaches and aviator sunglasses. Breaking down barriers, this video, with its humorous take on crime-fighting, threw seriousness right out of the window of a police cruiser.
#2 The Release of Licensed to Ill- In 1986, 3 Jewish boys from Brooklyn released a rock/rap album that would define a generation and demonstrate the limitless boundaries of music. With a unique rhyming style and a massive VW pendent hangin’ on a shiny gold chain, the Beastie Boys set themselves apart from anything music had ever seen. The song and video, Fight for Your Right to Party, remains an anthem for many generations. Including our kids – Great!
#1 The Beastie Boys are inducted to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame- After 4 decades of shaping modern music, The Beastie Boys were inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Giving heartfelt and touching acceptance speeches, Adrock (Adam Horovitz) and Mike D. (Mike Diamond) acknowledged their parents, family and friends for their true support.In the form of a letter, the cancer-stricken MCA, thanked the many people involved in his life who contributed to his success, including his family and fans. This, by far, was the most botional point in the night as this would be MCA’s last public communication.Sadly, MCA would lose his battle with salivary gland cancer a few weeks later.Rest in Peace. Many thanks for your contributions to music and my life.

By, Ben McTamney